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Mermaid Secret High School Love Story! Mermaid Princess Games for Girls! Mermaid Mia was used to live a carefree life under the water. One day, she was snared by the fish-eater’s hook. She tried her best to escape it, but failed. However, a little boy walked towards her. OMG, he cut the fishing net and she got free again!

When Mermaid Mia back to the sea, she found her necklace was lost in somewhere. she wore it since she was born. Also she can’t forget the whole thing ever happened. She decided to go up to the land and find him.


~~> Rescue Mermaid Mia immediately.

~~> Use the magical potion to turn into the human and get settled into your brand-new high school!

~~> New school, new look! Get a beautiful dress up and make up!

~~> Pack all your stuffs and hurry up to your new school!

~~> Being the new girl in high school could be tough - let's make some friends!

~~>Good news! Did Alan ask you to have lunch with him together? You're the luckiest girl in the world

~~>The cute boy Alan in school is so into you! Whether you are ready for the first love crush?

~~>Sometimes being the new girl can lead to crazy incidents! But don’t worry - maybe this incidents can turn into the way you meet your new best friends… and maybe even your first boyfriend!

~~> OMG! It is raining outside! I am afraid that my legs will be turn into the tail! Whether my secrets will be find at the first day in high school?

The best mermaid love story ever! Download Free Now!

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